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About Sydney Zoo

Sydney Zoo is located in Bungarribee, New South Wales Australia is one of the major attractions of the city. The NSW Fauna and Marine Parks Association (NSW FMPA) and the International Congress of Zoos are represented on Sydney Zoo's top curatorial and animal procurement staff, respectively, by current and previous presidents.

The zoo's social projects include jobs for indigenous people and school education initiatives. Veterinary facilities, quarantine facilities, large feed handling, and storage spaces, an educational auditorium, and accessibility for people with disabilities are just a few of the specific infrastructural components that help with the implementation of these programs.

The Sydney Zoo is among the top animal attractions that house over 4000 exotic and native animals, Australia's biggest reptile and nocturnal house with 5 famous zones.The Sydney Zoo tickets give you a chance to get an up-close encounter experience with your favorite animal and will bring you closer to the animal. Have fun watching the joyful kangaroo joeys play, take a trip on the enormous Ferris wheel to get a fresh perspective of the zoo, or observe Sydney's one and only rhino exploring his surroundings and playing in the mud.

The brand-new Koala Trail is a picturesque experience along with a walk towards Australia's most recognizable animal, you can also see the giraffe exhibit, enjoy feeding the cheeky meerkats, and do plenty more activities here with your tickets for Sydney Zoo.

Why Book Sydney Zoo Tickets?

Sydney Zoo tickets will promise you a day full of fun, excitement and adventure. Book your Sydney Zoo entry tickets online to enjoy a perfectly planned family day outing with your little ones getting to know a variety of exotic and native Australian animals, the amazing fauna and aquatic animals all in the center of Western Sydney at the Sydney Zoo without waiting in long queues.


  • It's a perfect family day outing with your little ones getting to know a variety of exotic and native Australian animals.

  • Enjoy the thrilling company of lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, and other animals.

  • Spot some amazing species from Australia, Africa and Asia here with your tickets for Sydney Zoo.

  • Discover some of the most amazing species from Australia, Asia, and Africa housed in the Sydney Zoo.

  • Enjoy the sight of seeing the Sacred Baboon and Capybara at Primate Boulevard.

  • Visit the Aquarium to wave at baby penguins and be amazed by the enormous crocodiles.


Sydney Zoo entry tickets

Sydney Zoo Experiences

The Sydney Zoo occupies 40 acres of the area striving to increase public awareness and animal conservation and care as they bring in various animal species from around the World.Apart from the native animals from Australia such as kangaroos, wombats and dingos, exotic animals like the African lion, Sumatran lion, red pandas and many others can be found here.

Koala Trail

Koala Trail showcases one of the most famous Australian creatures in Western Sydney. Suitable for visitors of all ages, this Koala Trail gives you a chance to get up and personal with koalas and stroll along with them. This Trail is a picture-perfect one with koalas hanging on the Eucalyptus trees and a closer look at the troop of the Koalas as the zookeepers here will feed you will all the facts about these adorable animals.

The Koala Trial is only available on the Weekends between 11:30 am – 12:30 pm.

Minimum age requirement: All age groups

Elephant Encounter

The Elephant Encounter is an amazing choice to experience the giant animal of Asia in Western Sydney. If you love Elephants, this is your chance to get up close and get a touch of their skin which is an experience unlike anything else. You can get a chance to visit the Elephant's facility and interact with the mammals at the Elephant encounter. This is a fun-filled experience for a bunch of friends and families with kids.

The Elephant Encounter is available daily at 12:15 pm which is a 30 minutes activity.

Minimum age requirement: 12y

Tiger Encounter

The Tiger Encounter is one of the exciting activities you can enjoy at the Sydney Zoo. Get up close with the amazing Tigers and get a chance to hand feed them some delicious meat. The Zookeepers will update you with all the facts about the Tigers throughout your experience. This is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy your trip to the Sydney Zoo.The Tiger Encounter is available daily at 12:00 pm and is a 30 minutes activity.Minimum age requirement: 12y

Giraffe Encounter

Enjoy the company of the World’s tallest animal Giraffe in the centre of Western Sydney. Get a chance to feed the stunning Giraffes Eyelean & Nzuri and capture some beautiful pictures along with them, as you enjoy your encounter, learn everything there is to know about the Giraffes from the zookeepers. Try this activity with family and friends as only 5 people in a day get a chance to feed these lovely animals.The Giraffe Encounter is available daily at 3 pm which is a 30 minutes activity.Minimum age requirement: 8y

Lion Encounter

Ever dreamt about feeding the lions with your own hands? If yes, then this encounter is a must-do on your list. The 3 Lion brothers as the kings of this zoo and you can get lucky to feed them as only 4 feeding sessions are available per day. With Sydney Zoo entry tickets, learn all about these magnificent animals from knowledgeable zookeepers whilst your encounter. This encounter is surely one of the most memorable experiences you will have at the Sydney Zoo.

The Giraffe Encounter is available daily at 10:30 am which is a 30 minutes activity.

Minimum age requirement: 12y

Meerkat Encounter

Get a close-up view of a herd of intelligent yet notorious Meerkats with your Sydney Zoo tickets. These tiny little animals are quite cute as they stand up on their rear legs to take in their surroundings. Get to hand-feed these adorable Meerkats at your encounter and interact with them under supervision. This experience is enjoyed by the children as the meerkats are quite fun and friendly.

The Giraffe Encounter is available at 9:45 am, and 11:30 am daily, 2:00 pm (weekends only) and is a 30 minutes activity.

Minimum age requirement: 4y

Hyena Encounter

Discover the intriguing predators on Sydney's one and only Hyena encounter. Meet the curious spotted Hyenas, one of the most underestimated animals in all of Africa. Learn more about these carnivores as you hand feed them in the encounter and get up close for some amazing pictures.

The Hyena Encounter is available daily at 12:30 pm and is a 30 minutes activity.

Minimum age requirement: 12y

Capybara Encounter

Come meet our adorable Capybara here at the Sydney Zoo. These cute animals are the biggest rodents in the world, they are inquisitive, and have a great deal of fun. Hand feed these animals and capture some great pictures as you learn some fascinating facts in this encounter. A capybara encounter at the Sydney Zoo is a special experience that is best suited for older kids as only 4 individuals in a day get to feed these animals.

The Capybara Encounter is available daily at 1 pm and is a 30 minutes activity.

Minimum age requirement: 8y

Reptile Encounter

If you are fascinated with creepy crawlies and reptiles, then this is an exciting experience for you. Discover Australia's snakes and reptiles here and enjoy the Reptile Encounter. As you take a tour of the slightest residents of the zoo, learn some interesting facts about them and feed the lovely reptiles as you get closer to them for some memorable pictures.

The Reptile Encounter is available daily at 9:50 am and is a 30 minutes activity.

Minimum age requirement: 12y

Know Before You Book Sydney Zoo Tickets

Essential Information

  • Wearing masks at all times is mandatory at the Sydney Zoo

  • Avoid visiting the Zoo if you have any COVID-related symptoms.

  • COVID-19 Safe Check-in app is a compulsory step to take entry into the Zoo.

Location: The Sydney Zoo is located at 700 Great Western Hwy, Bungarribee NSW 2767, Australia.

Timings: The Sydney Zoo is open year-round 9 AM – 5 PM – Daily.

With your tickets for Sydney Zoo, you can plan your day and visit anytime between the opening hours.

Best Time to Visit

With your Sydney Zoo tickets, you can visit the Zoo in the mornings as it will be less crowded and to ensure entry into the zoo, be sure to book your Sydney Zoo entry tickets online.

How To Reach

Great Western Hwy opposite Rudders Lane is the nearest bus station, and it's a six-minute- minute walk to the Sydney Zoo.

You may get to the Sydney Zoo by taking bus 729.

Sydney Zoo Tickets FAQs

Can we book Sydney Zoo tickets online?

You can book Sydney Zoo tickets online and avail of great discounts on your tickets. Booking online and carrying a printout is recommended so you can get early access to the Zoo and enjoy your experience without waiting in the long queues.

What is the minimum age required to book Sydney Zoo Tickets?

There is absolutely no minimum age required to book your Sydney Zoo Tickets, however, Children under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by a person above the age of 16.

Do we have to buy separate Sydney Zoo tickets for Kids?

Yes, you can book Sydney Zoo tickets for Kids under the age of 14 years but they need to be accompanied by an adult over 16 years of age. Get free entry for infants under the age of two.

What is the best time to visit Sydney Zoo?

The best time to visit Sydney Zoo is in the morning. At this time, the zones are less crowded allowing you more time to spend with your favourite animals. The most recommended period to visit and get your tickets to Sydney Zoo is between September to November.

When is Sydney Zoo open?

Sydney Zoo is open year-round to welcome tourists coming from across the globe. The Zoo operates daily between 9 am - 5 pm. You can book your tickets for Sydney Zoo online and have a wonderful experience with family and friends.

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