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Taronga Zoo Tickets highlights

  • Visit Taronga Zoo and look at over 5,000 animals from over 350 species including African Lion, Fiordland Penguin and Koala.

  • Explore the various animal habitats & trails including Nura Diya Australia, African Savannah & Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Centre (ARC).

  • Stroll through the Amphibian & Reptile Experience and look at 42 reptiles and amphibians from all around the world including Tuatara and Eyelash Viper.

  • Enjoy over 15 daily keeper talks, animal encounters and daily presentations like ‘Seals for the Wild Presentation’ and ‘Free Flight Birds’.

Operating Hours
Taronga Zoo
Timings: 09:30 AM to 04:30 PM


Taronga Zoo Sydney
Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman NSW 2088, Australia

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Taronga Zoo Tickets overview

Taronga Zoo Location: Taronga Zoo, Bradleys Head Road, Mosman, NSW

Opening Hours: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Activity Duration: 3-5 Hours

About Taronga Zoo:

Step inside the captivating world of Taronga Zoo! Situated amidst the stunning backdrop of Sydney Harbor and encounter a wide array of fascinating creatures from all corners of the globe. Nestled on the beaches of Sydney Harbour, the Taronga Zoo is a wonderful attraction to watch the amazing fauna of Australia. As you step into Taronga Zoo, be prepared to be greeted by an awe-inspiring collection of over 4,000 animals, representing more than 350 species. From majestic lions to adorable koalas, from playful penguins to cheeky monkeys, the zoo's diverse inhabitants are sure to leave you spellbound. Marvel at the grace of giraffes as they elegantly roam their savannah habitat, or observe the inquisitive nature of orangutans swinging through the treetops. Feel the excitement build as you approach the exhibit housing the magnificent elephants, where their sheer size and gentle nature will leave you in awe. Gain a deeper understanding of the delicate balance between humans and wildlife, and the vital need to protect our planet's biodiversity. Book tickets to Taronga Zoo and explore different sections of the zoo housing over 5000 wild creatures in their smartly created habitat.

About the Taronga Zoo Tickets:

  • Explore the incredible diversity of over 4,000 animals representing more than 350 species, including majestic lions, adorable koalas, playful penguins, and curious monkeys.
  • Have  a scenic ride on the Sky Safari cable car and enjoy panoramic views of the zoo, harbor, and city skyline while getting a bird's-eye view of the animal enclosures.
  • Take in the stunning backdrop of Sydney Harbor, where Taronga Zoo offers breathtaking views of the iconic harbor and the city skyline.
  • Watch your favorite animals through specially curated encounters and experiences, where you can learn about their behaviors and even hand-feed some of them.
  • Stroll in the variety of fascinating exhibitions at Taronga Zoo and such as Seals for the Wild, Free-Flight Bird, and Keeper's Talk, that will allow you to interact with animals.
  • Walk through beautifully designed exhibits that mimic the natural habitats of the animals, allowing you to observe them in an environment that closely resembles their native homes.
  • See the awe-inspiring Bird Show, where talented birds showcase their intelligence, agility, and natural behaviors in a captivating and interactive performance.
  • Be amazed by the acrobatic skills of seals as they dive, flip, and playfully interact with their trainers during the entertaining Seal Show.
  • Experience the magic of Twilight at Taronga, a summer concert series where you can enjoy live music from renowned artists while surrounded by the zoo's enchanting atmosphere.
  • Book Taronga Zoo Tickets now and enjoy your exploration at the Keeper's Talk session you will have the chance to interact with fun animals like giraffes, elephants, gorillas & meerkats.

How to Reach?

  • By Car: The activity location is 10.1 km from the city centre, it will take 16 minutes via the M1 route.
  • By Train: Reach Taronga Zoo, Bradleys Head Rd station, which is 34 meters away from the attraction. You can reach the activity located within a 1-minute walk.

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