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About Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Sea life Sydney Aquarium is the ideal getaway for thrill-seekers as Australia features a huge diversity of marine life and draws closer to an astounding world of undersea discovery. With your Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets get access to all themed zones inclusive of the Penguin Expedition. The aquarium has 13,000 animals from 700 different species including majestic dugongs, gray nurse sharks, jellyfish and an array of tropical fish! Dealing with 9 different zones, the newest attraction includes Day & Night on the Reef. From thrilling Rockpool to the Jurassic Seas you can explore the amazing marine life of Australia all at one place.

Take a tour around and observe the enormous predatory species at the Shark Walk and Valley and contemplate the gray nurse and lemon sharks glide over your head.Take a small break to interact with the two friendly amiable dugongs Pig and Wuru, and learn how this species is on edge of getting vanished. Come face to face with the astounding marine life at the Reef Theater & under the huge floor-to-ceiling display. It is one of the most popular attractions in the city, hence booking Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets in advance is suggested to all visitors.

Why Book Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets?

When you book your Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets online, you can avail for various benefits that come with it. Save both your time and money by booking online from our website, by getting direct entry to the museum. You can easily select the date and time of your visits before purchasing the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets. Additionally, booking online is likely to be the most cost-effective option because you may take advantage of a wider variety of discounts and deals.

  • Enter Australia's astonishing and deep- colored glowing radiant sea life.
  • Visit the 9 unalike zones inhabited by more than 13000 animals, i.e., around 700 different aquatic species.
  • Interact with the two friendly amiable dugongs Pig and Wuru, who are two out of six dugongs on display in the whole world.
  • Must visit Jurassic seas, day and night on the reef, penguin expedition, and shark valley, for an interactive experience.
  • One can walk through 100 meters of glass tunnels in the floating oceanarium while marine life swings all around.
  • Your Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets include one time entry to this beautiful aquatic world of Australia.
  • With these Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets you can see all 9 themed zones of the aquarium, offering interactive sessions.
  • With your Sydney Aquarium tickets you will also get the access to unlimited Digi Photo Pass.

Exhibits At Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

There are around 9 different themed zones which display around 700 different species from around the world, but majorly from Australia. With your Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets you can get direct access to all the interactive sessions held inside these zones, such as feeding and shark walk.

Day and Night on the Reef

It is great to experience the historic wonders of the big barrier reef which is also the newest addition to the family. The zone is home to 500 attractive marine creatures including reef sharks, jellyfish, tropical fish and turtles. These turtles have huge marine homes including the beautiful green sea turtles plugga and her friends Dave and chong they are big in real life. A 1.7 million liter display and beyond 500 creatures, along with an interactive light show offering the infrequent scattered events happening in bioluminescence.

Penguin Expedition

Your Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets include the exotic Penguin expedition boat ride, which is also known as the world's first boat raft ride. Here you can get nearer and personal to an eye -catching colony of king and gentoo penguins. This ride is free with the Sydney Aquarium tickets. This is a mesmerizing ride through adventure with 6 people capacity which went through the heart of penguin colony. Additionally it educates guests about the plastic pollution and habitat destruction which affect marine animals.

Shark Valley

It is just a thrilling experience walking through fear where there are many huge sharks and big mouths. It is the world's biggest aquarium shark tank which includes gray nurse sharks as you voyage deep down the sea and visit the depths of shark valley. While going through parallel underwater tunnels you come across beautiful, huge, scary rays of sharks. This interactive exhibit is famous among kids and can be accessed with your Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets.

Dugong Island

It is home to one of the beautiful animals called pigs who came through European sailors and arrived in Australia’s water. This pig can be seen from above and viewing tunnels below. This zone is home for many other attractive and beautiful animals as well such as bamboo sharks and dozens of species of fish. This zone offers educational information about how these animals are on the verge of extinction and are in desperate need of help. You can access this zone with your Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets.

Discovery Rockpool

As not all the animals are behind the glass in the Sydney aquarium, one can see and touch shark eggs, shells, sea urchins and many more. It is also called touch pool by rock pool experts which can be easily accessed by Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets. In this zone you can discover the unique star fish which represents the shape of a star. There are around 1500 different species of sea star in the world, from which some are displayed here. You can discover how species live in this rocky world of tides and waves.

South Coast Shipwreck

This zone is home to an unbelievably famous colony of tiny penguins who can be seen suddenly and quickly moving through the water and who wobble across the beach. In this zone Mr black little penguin, white sea horses known as sydney horses, sydney octopus, black bream fish, etc. are found. It is one of the most interactive zones which can be accessed with Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets, and is one of the most popular zones amazon kids and adults alike.

Sydney Harbour

It is incredible to know that Sydney Harbour is native to many animals as it is amongst the most historic harbors in the world. About 600 species of fish inhabit its depths, which can be accessed by your Sydney Aquarium tickets. Here lionfish, box fish, old wife, and crayfish are found. It also provides a snapshot of what’s beneath the coastline, as it has an attractive above the surface layer.

Jurassic Seas

Jurassic seas take you into the deepness of the ocean to see where life began and meet unearthly, supernatural and beautiful living beings. Here one must find hagfish, lungfish, moray, Eel and mudskipper, offering a unique experience to all its visitors. With your Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets you can gain knowledge about how marine life is important to our environment, and why we need to keep our oceanic bodies clean and safe.

Know Before You Book Sea Life Sydney Aquarium Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach
  • Location: 1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney New south wales 2000, Australia

  • Timings: 10 AM to 4 PM Timings are subject to change, please check the official website before booking your Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets.

  • Best Time To Visit: The best time to purchase Sydney aquarium tickets is during morning hours, when the animals are active and you have more time in your hand to explore each and every exhibit of the place. To avoid crowds you can visit in afternoon hours of the operational hours of the aquarium.

  • By Bus: you can take a bus from the 24th stop of the Sydney sightseeing bus or take other buses to Market Street/King Street. From here walk around 10 mins to reach your destination.

  • By Train: The aquarium is a few steps away from Town Hall or Wynyard stations You can take the trains no. 252 or 261 that will take you to the Wynyard station.

  • By Metro: Get along at Darling Park station and walk towards the Aquarium which is merely 350 m from the park.

  • By Ferry: Take the ferry that runs from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour and disembarks at the Aquarium ferry at Wharf.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium Tickets FAQs

Do we need to book in advance for Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets?

Yes, one needs to book Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets in advance as the place is a very popular attraction in the city, making it hard to grab a ticket from the long queues of the ticket counter.

Do we get a discount while booking Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets online?

Yes, with online booking you get various deals and discounts on your Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets. This makes your trip a budget friendly experience for all its visitors.

What is the minimum age required to book Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tickets?

The minimum age required to book Sea Life Sydney tickets is three years.

What is special about the Sea Life Aquarium?

Sea life Sydney aquarium is one of Australia’s leading tourist destinations, having tons of creatures of aquatic life and exhibits that are both enjoyable and knowledgeable. The exhibits, recreated habitats and animals on show are so incredible that even big kids are guaranteed a good time.

What is the best time to visit the Sea Life Aquarium?

The best time to purchase Sydney Aquarium tickets is during the morning hours, as you will get more time to explore all the exhibits of the place in detail.

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