Axe Throwing Sydney

About Axe Throwing Sydney

Axe throwing Sydney is a modern sport involving targeting and throwing the Axe so that it hits the BullsEye. Think of the target, aim at the goal board and throw the Axe, the game is as simple as this. Axe throwing has been largely used as a stress buster activity in Sydney in the past few years.

Axe throwing Sydney is a package of fun that can be availed by almost all age groups. The coaches of Axe throwing are experts in the field who will brief you and teach you the basics of the game. The places that offer this activity also make sure that it is being done with all the safety precautions while keeping the potential accidents in mind. The skilled trainers present at these places make sure that there are no injuries during the activity

Why To Book Axe Throwing In Sydney

Axe throwing in Sydney is a stress-buster sports activity which has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Apart from this, if you pre-book a Sydney axe throwing session, you can schedule your sport according to your time slot. The experts will schedule a training session before you step into the gaming area and endure safety. Booking online also helps you avail several deals and discounts on the tickets.


  • Step into the world of an axe- treme adventurous sport to throw an axe on a wooden board.

  • Learn about the art of axe throwing from highly skilled trainers.

  • Participate in this stress busting activity with your friends and get the relaxation you need.


  • A professional guide will train you with the basics of axe throwing so that you may not face any trouble.

  • You will be provided with all the necessary equipment and safety gear to enjoy your session.

  • The operator will also provide insurance to avoid any harm or miss happening.

  • The 1-hour session will boost you up and bust out all your stress.

Top Places To Do Axe Throwing In Sydney

Axe throwing Sydney is an enjoyable activity. Here we are with the most visited places people choose to do axe throwing. They will offer you excellent services and an entire session pack of joy to make your Axe throwing Sydney memorable.

Kiss My Axe

The 1 or 2 Hour session with Kiss My Axe of axe throwing Sydney will teach you the skills of aiming and releasing all your stress. The dedicated coaches at the place will teach you all the necessary skills for axe throwing. Come along with your friends and family and book your own private session at Kiss my Axe for a stress buster session. A small group of two people or a large group of eight people can accompany the gaming session.

You can also serve yourself delicious meals and cold drinks at the venue. If you plan a date, private lanes at kiss my Axe are the best place to spend time with your partner.

Location: 19 McCauley Street, Alexandria; 40 Winbourne Road, Brookvale

Maniax Axe Throwing

Maniax Axe Throwing is Sydney's first axe throwing firm. They are licensed organisations for Axe throwing Sydney. Maniax has professional trainers to teach you the basics of axe throwing. They have spacious gaming areas that allow more participants to play simultaneously.

Their family and friends packages will let you enjoy the game with your loved ones. Apart from this, they serve complimentary refreshments and have a counter table for beer and Cider. Step up in the Cage and embrace the most thrilling and adventurous experience of playing a unique sport.

Location: 75 Mary Street, St Peters

Throw Axe

At Throw Axe, after heading towards the location, You will be greeted at the venue by the most experienced coaches in the team, who will take you on a tour of the venue. And now, the player's journey begins with learning basic axe throwing skills.

In the 2 Hour session of Axe throwing Sydney, you will be given some free trials to practice, and then the game begins. You will also be awarded the Crown based on your performance. And after the game, there are food counters and drink counters to refresh yourselves.

Location: 4/41-45 York Rd, Jamisontown

Glenworth Valley Axe Throwing

Book your tournament and see who is crowned as the champ in Axe throwing at Glenworth Valley. Axe throwing in Sydney is admired by many teenagers at present.

Amid the open skies and lush greenery, Glenworth Valley Axe Throwing has set the outdoor play area, making it one of the best venues for Axe throwing Sydney. Another plus point about Glenworth is the stay facilities they provide.

Location: 69 Cooks Road, Glenworth Valley.

Axe Throwing Sydney FAQs

Do we need to book for Axe throwing in Sydney?

Yes. It is always recommended to pre-book Sydney axe throwing sessions. There are limited slots at the venues, and According to your availability, you can schedule your slot on the respective time and date to avoid any inconvenience.Apart from this, you can also book different packages that include meals and drinks after the game.

What is the best time to experience Axe throwing in Sydney?

Axe throwing is an indoor activity and hence can be enjoyed in any weather. You can schedule your slot anytime or on any of your special occasions. It is suggested to check the opening and closing hours and the day off of the respective venues and visit during the day to avoid crowds on weekdays.

Will I get discounts on booking Axe throwing in Sydney?

Yes, Axe throwing Sydney offers discounts and vouchers if you book the tickets online. On different packages, you can avail offers that the websites are offering. You can also help with values based on the number of members booking the slots. Book your gaming session with some complimentary drinks at the bar.

Do we have to carry our safety equipment before going for Axe throwing in Sydney?

You must wear a closed shoe before going for the Axe throwing Sydney, or You may get injured from the iron Axe. Apart from shoes, all other safety equipment will be provided to you from the venue. In case of any accidents like slipping off of Axe from hands or wood chips may fly off and cut your feet.

Is there an age limit for Axe throwing in Sydney?

Yes, the age limit for axe throwing in Sydney is 18 years and above. For safety, it is allowed for children 13-17 years to play but only along with their parents or guardians.

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