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About Luna Park Sydney

You can get a luna park sydney ticket and experience the iconic amusement destination with your family, which is a heritage-listed park situated at 1 Olympic Drive within the harbourside outskirts of Milsons Point of New South Wales in Australia. Being used as a famous location for many movies and TV shows, Luna Park is a popular heritage site for tourism in Australia as well. You will be greeted by the majestic 9-meter wide or 30 feet smiling face, and the Art Deco towers when you enter the park. Luna Park Reserve Trust owns the amusement park, which is also an agency of the New South Wales Government.

The structure presided over the central entrance and the idea of an iconic 9-meter wide smiling face was based on the massive smiling faces at Steeplechase Park in the United States and Luna Park, Melbourne, Australia. Extending from the Face to Coney Island, there is a Midway that has always remained the primary thoroughfare of Luna Park. It is also the focus of many amusements and activities,, and offers access to the Big Top, Crystal Palace, Coney Island, as well as the other permanent rides of the Luna Park. Grab luna park sydney entry tickets and explore the world of activities.

Why Book Luna Park Sydney Tickets?

One of the many benefits of online booking is that you can book luna park sydney entry tickets without the annoyance of any booking hassles. Also, you have access to multiple deals and discounts when you are booking online and you can also search for multiple offers applicable on credit and debit cards. This way, you not only save time, but also your money. So, if you wish to save money, then purchase the tickets online rather than from the park.

  • Constructed in the 1930s, Luna Park in Sydney is a harbor-side amusement park that still includes traditional midway games and rides.
  • Luna Park is open all year-round; usually every day during School Holidays, and Friday to Monday throughout the school term.
  • You can experience the rides by purchasing an unlimited rides pass online. Buy your Luna Park entry tickets online and you are assured to save money.
  • Take a breathtaking view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge from some of the thrilling rides of Luna Park that take you 40-50 m above the sea level.

Coney Island: It is the only authentic 1930s fun house in Australia that takes people back to their childhood for experiencing the thrill of riding the Slides, tackling the Mirror Maze, stumbling through Barrels of Fun, or lasting the distance on the Joy Wheel.

Wild Mouse: This was originally built in 1962 and takes people 15 meters above the ground while going along a 400-meter track in 61 seconds.

Tumble Bug: It is one of the most enjoyable rides in Luna Park that takes you up and down and then around and around.

Dodgem City: A brace of excitement and fun, this ride is certain to put a smile on your face as wide as the one on Luna Park's entry face.

Hair Raiser: You will be raised 50 meters above the sea level for experiencing a bird’s eye view of the magical city before you will be dropped at about 80 km an hour.

Rides In Luna Park Sydney

There are tons of activities and rides inside Luna Park that you can experience with your family. There are kids-specific rides, adult rides as well as family rides that accommodate the entire family. Visit Liuna Park today to experience these activities:

Roller Coasters

There are three types of roller coasters in Luna Park namely the boomerang, little nipper and big dipper.

  • The boomerang is a family roller coaster that drops, twists, turns and repeats everything again. This is the first g-force g-rated roller coaster in Australia that has space for the entire family and not just kids.

  • The little nipper is a family friendly ride to enjoy with the little ones as they can sit right next to you.

  • The big dipper is the highest and fastest 360 degree loopier. It is the first inline sitting launch roller coaster in the world and the fastest and tallest multi launch roller coaster in Australia.

Your tickets for Luna Park Sydney can make you ride this roller coaster. Kids below 18 need to ride with an accompanying adult who is above 18.

Thrill Rides

There are 8 types of thrill rides - hair raiser, tango train, volare, rotor, boomerang, sledgehammer, big dipper and wild mouse.

  • Among all these thrill rides, the big dipper is the highest, fastest and biggest 360 degree loopier.

  • The wild mouse is Australia's favorite roller coaster which gives you one minute of pulse pounding fun.

  • The rotor is a legendary time capsule that will stimulate your senses and the hair raiser will take you 250 m above the sea level before you drop over 80 km per hour towards Earth.

  • The volare is the largest wave swinger ride in Australia.

If you book a Luna Park Sydney ticket, you can experience all of these rides in one go.

Family Rides

Among the family rides, there is the loopy lighthouse, cloud nine, freaky frogs, little nipper, bug, silly sub, Ferris wheel, tango train, dodgem city, and carousel.

  • The carousel is a family right that is a carriage on a horse for the whole family.

  • The Ferris wheel will take you 40 m in the air and you can view the beautiful Sydney Harbor from there.

  • The dodgem city is a car that will help you enjoy the bumping and thumping with other fellow drivers along the way.

Every family member will need an individual luna park sydney ticket to experience the family rides.

Coney Island

The Heritage listed Coney Island contains the Mirror maze, joy wheel, turkey trot, devil's drop, wonky walk, slides and barrels of fun.

  • The mirror maze can help you disappear in a mirror maze game which is the best among all in Coney Island.

  • The joy wheel can make you go round and round with your friends and family until they have one winner.

  • The turkey trot is a walk that will make you fight the urge to stumble and bend while the ground will move below you.

  • The devil's drop is known as the mother of all the slides in Coney Island.

  • The wonky walk is for riders who can be daring to try their luck and do not get caught on this walk.

It is recommended to book a luna park sydney ticket ahead of time to secure your spot to make the most out of Coney Island.

Sideshow Games

Gone fishing, pull a string, hi striker, knockems, crazy crooners, test tube toss, basketball, and clowns are some of the slideshow games you can experience with luna park sydney entry tickets.

  • The Crazy crooners is the famous ensemble of the luna park Sydney.

  • Knockems brings a fun park challenge that is mainly an aiming game.

  • Test tube toss makes you calculate the ideal angle and toss the ring into a test tube for winning a prize.

  • There are famous clowns and it is one of the classics in this amusement park that will have you play over and over with your family.

  • You can enjoy the last moment of your grand finale game in the basketball series.

  • His striker needs mastery and technique to fight the ultimate battle of strength.

  • Pulling a string makes you pull freckle's strings and instantly get rewarded.

  • Gone fishing can help you win a prize which is worth its value in gold. Get a net and get your hands wet while you get ready to grab the fish.

Grab a luna park sydney ticket and enjoy all of your favorite rides in this amusement park in Sydney.

Know Before You Book Luna Park Sydney Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach

Location: Luna Park Sydney is located at 1 Olympic Drive, Milsons Point NSW, 2061.

Timings: On Mondays, it is open from 11.00 – 16.00, On Fridays and Saturdays, it is open from 11.00 – 22.00, and On Sundays, it is open from 10.00 – 18.00. Luna Park Sydney is open fridays to mondays and closed tuesdays to thursdays. It is usually open all day during school holidays. The same is for December and January when it is open for almost all days.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Luna Park is during the school hours if you are looking for cheaper luna park sydney entry tickets. On the other hand, if you do not prefer crowds, it is better to go after school hours. Luna park can also be very busy during holidays and summer time, but the price for luna park sydney entry tickets are a bit less during that time.

By Car: You can reach Luna Park by car from the Warringah Expressway. The Dind Street will take you to theNorthcliff Street and you are there at the Luna Park Car Park. If you are driving north over Sydney Harbour Bridge, you need to take the first exit located on the left after you pass the bridge to Kirribilli.

By Bus: Sydney state transit bus routes pass nearby North Sydney Station and end at Milsons Point. Luna Park is just 5-min walking distance from this point.

By Train: You can reach Luna Park by train from the Milsons Point station as it is the nearest train station to the Luna Park Sydney. Milsons Point Station comes the very first stop in the CBD after Wynyard station when you are traveling north. It comes after North Sydney Station when you are traveling south.

Luna Park Sydney Tickets FAQs

Will I get a discount on booking Luna Park Sydney tickets online?

You may get discounts on a luna park sydney ticket depending on how many months prior you book. Sometimes, you can get discounted day pass tickets to Luna Park when you book months ahead in advance.

Do we need to book in advance for Luna Park Sydney tickets?

Yes, you need to book Luna Park Sydney Tickets ahead of time to secure your spot and avoid wasting time standing in the ticketing queue. In case your trip gets canceled, you can always cancel your ticket and get a full refund before 24 hours.

Do we have to buy separate Luna Park Sydney tickets for Kids?

Yes, you have to buy separate tickets for you kids as Luna Park entry ticket charges are divided into three main categories according to small, medium and tall depending on the height of the person.

What is the best time to visit Luna Park Sydney?

The best time to visit Luna Park in Sydney is during Mar - May and Sept - Nov. If you plan a vacation of 6-7 Days, it will be the perfect option to accommodate Luna Park in your itinerary as you will have a full day to enjoy the thrill and fun of the amusement park.

What is the opening time for Luna Park Sydney?

Luna Park opens at 11 am in the morning, but, for your information, Luna Park timings vary depending on the events that keep taking place there.

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