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Take a flight to the skies and experience in full vistas the wide range of Hot Air Balloon Sydney. Feel the pleasure of popping bottles back on land and feel the sweet and everlasting hot air ballooning over Sydney's pleasingly riverside landscape. There is nothing more serene and scenic than floating high in the slow-burning spectacular Hot Air Balloon Sydney. The glory of Sydney’s scenic beauty comes to its best under the glimmer of sunrise, which can be experienced in the Hot Air Balloon adventures.

Run off the bustle and hustle of ground-based tourism and wander the undisturbed serene world above the ground, encountering the mind-blowing beauty of the largest city of Australia, which is both relaxing and romantic. The flight includes an hour of the high ride above the top range of mountains, marking the historical places of the region from the top of the world and having a bird’s eye view, capturing the rose-coloured skies and green plains rolling on the ground. It’s time to fulfil your fantasy of flying high and full of vibrant colours with the hot air balloon Sydney ride.

Highlights Of Hot Air Balloon Sydney

  • Have an enthralling adventure of Hot Air Balloon Sydney in the early morning for a gentle and peaceful experience

  • Enjoy the 3-4 hours of high flight, witnessing the top range of mountains and the rising sun over the horizon

  • Float above the coastal scenic of Australia’s Gold Coast

  • Experience the eye-catching colours of the Australian outlands from a hot air balloon in Sydney

  • Devour the luscious breakfast and a glass of sparkling wine in the bush

  • Admire the alluring valleys in the harbour city

  • Witness the sunrise over the Surfers Paradise and Gold Coast beaches

  • Participate in the setup and pack-down activities along with the crew members

  • Get a glimpse of the reflections of waterways and myriad of canals over the horizon

  • Enjoy the awe-striking sights in the regions like Macarthur from a height of more than 2000 feet

  • Get transported via the world’s oldest and most romantic flight on an aerial nature tour

Available Hot Air Balloon Sydney Deals

Nothing is more tranquil & scenic than floating high in the sky and witnessing the soundings glistening by a spectacular sunrise. Hot Air Balloon Sydney is the most desirable destination to soar to new heights. Adults and Kids over 5 years old can get ready for the floating actions!

Camden Valley Hot Air Balloon

Located in the heart of Sydney’s beautiful Macarthur region, Camden valley holds picturesque landscapes, rivers, mountains, and favourable weather patterns. The valley is home to the world’s first commercial flight over 40 years ago in Australia and is an ideal location for sunrise balloon flights.

Grab the unhindered 360 views of a memorable morning on a colourful hot air balloon over the beautiful Macarthur region. The flight starts by floating over the treetops and later gearing up to heights above 2000 feet. The Camden valley flights take off on selected weekdays along with each weekend and also enjoy the tour with a luscious breakfast after the flight within 3.5 – 4.5 hours.

Hot Air Balloon Ride & Breakfast At Hunter Valley

Based in Australia’s oldest vineyards, the Hunter Valley Balloon offers a premium experience for the last 30 years. The feeling of taking off and sighing the sky over the beautiful vineyards and landscapes with the ultimate sunrise can take your breath away. The valley is around 120 Km north of Sydney.

Every morning the flight launches at sunrise to have amazing views from a never compared vantage point. Also, experience a romantic flight for two friends/members at Hunter Valley. The ride is for around 3.5 – 4 hours which includes around 1 hour of flight and the mouth-watering breakfast at Peterson House Winery. You can explore the flight all year round.

Hot Air Balloon Flight & Breakfast At The Farm At Byron Bay

Based in the Byron Bay region- Australia’s most easterly point, the daily sunrise flights have offered a unique opportunity since 2005 to witness the sunrise over the Australian mainland from the sky. The Byron Bay hot air flight gears up before sunrise from The Farm Byron Bay. The flight gives you thrilling scenic views of the ocean, Lismore, Mullumbimby, the iconic counterculture meccas of Nimbin, Bangalo, and the hinterland’s lush.

Now, after completing an hour of a spectacular sunrise balloon flight, it’s time to taste the iconic breakfast in Three Blue Ducks Restaurant at The Farm Byron Bay.

Hot Air Balloon & Gourmet Breakfast At Sydney Macarthur Region

Sydney’s Macarthur region is one of the best-kept secrets, which holds picturesque valleys, rivers, historical estates, and rich countryside. Soar to the most ideal flying adventure spot in just 50 minutes from the city centre and you can also have all the way to the Blue Mountains and glance at panoramic views of the Macarthur region.

The flight will be an hour long at sunrise, to offer the unbeatable filtering of first light in the region followed by the Gourmet a la carte breakfast and champagne celebration to cheer the everlasting lifetime ballooning experience.

1-Hour Hot Air Balloon With Champagne Breakfast At Mudgee Region

Mudgee region holds preferable conditions for ballooning, It is one of the popular weekend getaways, which is around 3.4 hours from northwest Sydney and around 4 hours from the west of Newcastle. The region is home to gourmet food, wineries galore, cellar doors, quaint towns, and UNESCO World Heritage wilderness.

Take off the first flight, which is about an hour in duration, and view the mesmerising sunrise over the horizons of Mudgee. After experiencing the panoramic views, you can quickly get into a Charming local winery for a delicious gourmet à la carte breakfast with a glass of sparkling wine. The adventures in Mudgee are usually scheduled from Monday to Thursday every week.

Hot Air Balloon Flight At Canowindra

Drift over the Belubula Valley near Orange in New South Wales with the hot air balloon Sydney ride and experience the thrilling hot air balloon tour. Here you can join the crew members and pilots in the setup and pack-down activities, which is a spectacle itself and like a 100ft sleeping bag.

Take off and drift over the scenic farmland and valleys of the Central West of NSW. In this flight you can’t steer the manoeuvre as the pilot will ascend or descend in altitude, catching different wind currents. Hop into Tom's Waterhole Winery for a gourmet breakfast along with locally produced champagne or espresso coffee.

Know Before You Go For Hot Air Balloon Sydney

What To Wear

You can put on warm and comfortable clothes and flat shoes while going for Hot Air Balloon Sydney. High heels are not allowed inside the hot air balloon basket, as they might pierce the wicker base. The addition of Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a camera is also great. This is among the few important points to keep in mind.

Best Time To Experience

All 365 days provide an amazing experience of Hot air ballooning in Sydney except winter as there are chances of thunderstorms or high winds which create challenges to control a hot air balloon. Hence the best time is usually the Spring season to have a thrilling experience as the weather is more predictable with the beautiful backdrop.


  • Hundreds of hot air balloons may be seen in the backdrop when you visit Hot Air Balloon Sydney. Here are a few tips you should know before you go:

  • Get a good night’s sleep: Sunrises are the golden views from hot air balloons in Sydney, so it’s important to have a proper sleep the night before

  • Be prepared to handle a strong bent-knee brace: Always make sure to pack your belongings and do the correct brace positions while landing

  • Avoid taking Bulky Stuff: Given the intimate situation in the basket, it’s best to have a compact backpack.

Hot Air Balloon Sydney FAQs

What is the best time to experience a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Sydney?

The best time to experience Hot Air Balloon Ride in Sydney is during the Spring season to have a thrilling experience as the weather is more predictable with the beautiful backdrop of colourful trees and stunning vineyards.

How long does the Hot Air Balloon Sydney ride last?

The thrilling Hot Air Balloon Sydney is for around three to four hours in total, encompassing a full hour of sightseeing in the beautiful valleys.

Do we need to book in advance for the Hot Air Balloon Sydney ride?

As the adventure is popular among both the locals and visitors. It is always recommended to book the Hot Air Balloon Sydney ride, a week earlier to have a hassle-free experience. Please note, all the tickets are 100% refundable.

Is there a minimum age for booking the Hot Air Balloon Sydney ride?

Children aged from 0-6 are not permitted to participate in the Hot Air Balloon Sydney ride. The maximum weight of the participant should be between 120 -140 Kg and a height of at least 120 cm to join the flight.

Please note that the participants should be fit, with no problems with knees, hips, back, and bones. Pregnant women and people with recent surgeries are not allowed in the basket and can stand unassisted for around 1 hour.

Will I get discounts on booking Hot Air Balloon Sydney rides?

Yes, you can grab exciting deals and discounts on online bookings for Hot Air Balloon Sydney rides.

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