Skydiving In Newcastle

Skydiving in Newcastle

Skydiving in Newcastle is one of the best experiences to experience the adrenaline rush as you ride the roller-coaster thrill of plummeting through the clouds from the sky. In this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, you will descend from a height of up to 15,000 feet and freefall for up to 60 frantic seconds at speeds of over 200 km/h, which will be the ultimate freefall. You can take in the breathtaking views of the city, its shoreline and the skyline as well as float over the spectacular landscapes for about 5-7 minutes. Step outside of your comfort zone and challenge your boundaries with the highly trained Newcastle skydiving crew, and guides for the skydiving experience.

The aerial vistas of Newcastle's lakes and beaches and the excitement of falling make skydiving in Newcastle an unmatched activity. Take in the initial adrenaline thrill of speeding toward the seashore once your parachute has been released and feel the utmost exhilaration as you race toward the earth while descending on your ride.

Book Skydiving in Newcastle

As you Book your tickets for Skydiving in Newcastle you get to jump off from a soaring height of more than 130 mph. After a thrilling minute of being in the air, your guide pulls the safety ripcord, allowing you to open your parachute and float in the sky. At the freefall indulge in some of the mesmerising sights of the beautiful coastline, the hinterland, and lakes until your jump experience comes to an end when you land.

As you book tickets online, you get to skip the hassle of last minute bookings and crowded lines at the counter. Easy interface and accessibility makes it convenient for you to book while you are on the move. You can pre book your Skydiving in Newcastle slot and receive a booking confirmation within a lesser time frame with an assured entry at the time of your choice. If the times you requested are not available, you are given an alternate schedule that works better for you. In the event you decide to cancel the reservation for any unforeseen situation, a full refund will be processed.

Know Before You Go For Skydiving in Newcastle

Tips For Skydiving
Other Essential Information
  • In order to participate in the activity every foreign national must provide information about their passport and visa.
  • Fixed-day tickets for skydiving imply that they will only be valid for the date you have specified when you make your reservation; they cannot be carried over to the following or any other day.
  • People weighing up to 110kg can only participate in the activity with the permission and evaluation of the safety officer.
  • It is advised to take out any loose objects, such as dentures or fake teeth, before skydiving.

- Age: 16-above (till 18 to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian)

- Restriction:- Pregnant women are advised to avoid skydiving.- Although it is not necessary to be very fit, jumpers with heart issues or epilepsy cannot do so.- For a safe and thrilling skydiving experience, bring all of your safety gear, including a parachute.

- Best time to visit: The best time to partake in Newcastle Skydiving adventure is 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM on weekdays and 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM on weekends. With less rush during this time, you can get the best experience and less waiting time.

Highlights for Skydiving in Newcastle

  • Experience the rush as you plunge from a height of up to 15,000 feet. Allow your blood to race with adrenaline as you experience a 5-7 minute free fall at a speed of 200 km/h.

  • Take in the breathtaking vistas of Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, and the breathtaking beaches as you soar through the air.

  • No prior experience is necessary because you will receive training prior to skydiving in Newcastle.

FAQs For Skydiving In Newcastle

Is skydiving safe for beginners?

No prior knowledge is necessary. It's safe for novices to participate in Newcastle Skydiving as you would be receiving training prior to the commencement of the dive.

Do I need any medical certificate for skydiving in Newcastle?

A doctor's certificate stating that you are fit for skydiving in Newcastle may be required of you. Although no specific level of fitness is required, people with epilepsy or cardiac issues should avoid the sport.

What are the maximum & minimum weight limits required for skydiving in Newcastle?

In both flying and skydiving, weight is crucial. It has an impact on fuel allocations, climb rates, and equipment maintenance, as well as aircraft weights and balances. Newcastle Skydiving has a free limit of up to 95 kg. Anybody weighing more than the free limit up to a maximum of 120 kg will incur an additional fee and be paired with an instructor.

What to wear for skydiving in Newcastle, Sydney?

  • Dress comfortably and according to the weather.

  • Wear closed-in, comfortable footwear; do not wear boots or heels.

  • On the day of your jump, you must present your Adrenaline client confirmation.

What is the best time to visit Sydney?

The best time to visit Sydney is between September and November and between February and May. This is a wonderful time to visit Sydney if you want to avoid crowds, enjoy nice weather, and save money on travel expenses.

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