Ghost Tours in Sydney

Sydney Ghost Tours

Feel the chill run down your spine as you embark on the spooky Ghost Tours in Sydney that takes you up and down on undulated paths in search of spirits that are hanging between two worlds. Step back in time in this historic city when convicts and public executions were the order of the day. Walk through the dark and dreary slums that were once the haunts of rowdy gangs of robbers and drunken sailors. Hear eerie tales about mass burial pits that once covered the grounds of these narrow alleyways and the ghosts lurking here looking for their lost loves or revenge on those who crossed their graves.

Choose from some of the top Sydney Ghost Tours that promise the most terrifying sightings and a visit to the spookiest side of the city’s history. Head to the haunted Q station where past visitors have spoken about unnatural feelings and sightings. Meet Samuel the Gravedigger, convict Ann Walker, or even the Hairy Man as you walk down the darkened pathways of Barangaroo Reserve. Get access into areas that are otherwise not open to the public as you go on the Lantern Ghost Tours, a popular activity among ghost hunters.

Book Sydney Ghost Tours Online

Embark on a dark themed tour of the historic city in search of lost souls that are hanging between this and the afterworld by booking one of the Ghost Tours in Sydney. You will be led by a knowledgeable guide and historian who will relay spooky tales of the medieval times when crime and criminals were commonplace.

Book your Sydney Ghost Tours online to further enhance your experience and make it absolutely convenient and hassle free. This way you can enjoy making your bookings from the comforts of your home, office, or even when you are on the move. Moreover, by booking online you can avail the best deals, discounts, and offers. Since these are very popular tours and comprise only a limited number of participants, they tend to get reserved very fast. By booking online in advance you can get a guaranteed place on the day of your choice.

Know Before You Book Sydney Ghost Tours

Timings: Usually from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes approximately

Best Time to Visit: The best time to go for the Sydney Ghost Tours is late in the evening after 8 PM when the surrounding areas become relatively quiet making it an ideal eerie setting.

How To Reach:- By Train: You can take a train to Circular Quay and get off at Wayanad Station. From here you can walk to George Street in 10 minutes.- By Bus: Take a bus going through the CBD along Elizabeth Street and get off at Bridge Street from where it is a few minutes’ walk to your destination.- By Ferry: Take a ferry to Circular Quay and walk the remaining distance.

Types of Ghost Tours in Sydney

Q Station Ghost Tours

Pick one of the scariest Ghost Tours in Sydney that takes you through the creepy grounds of the haunted Quarantine Station on North Head at Manly. The tour also includes a visit to the morgue and old hospital as well as some of the more shadowy regions. It is believed that visitors have relayed their experiences about seeing, hearing, and feeling the paranormal here.

Lantern Ghost Tours

Be prepared to see the decomposing body of Ann Walker, a convict from the 19th century all swathed in black by opting for one of the mysterious Ghost Tours in Sydney. The area is known for being a regular haunt for prisoners in the olden times and takes you to areas that are generally not open to the public.

Spirit Ghost Tours Barangaroo

Witness a cleansing ceremony on one of the most popular Ghost Tours in Sydney where ochre painted First Nations men intently carry out a mystifying smoke ceremony. Feel the presence of the spirits as they are invoked into your presence while walking through the dark pathways of the Barangaroo Reserve. Learn about The Hairy Man as well as other mermaid and bunyip myths from your guide.

Ghost Night at Old Government House

Set out on a tour of one of Australia’s most ancient colonial buildings and you may just see the famous ‘lady in blue and her dog’ from the upstairs window. Learn all about Lady Fitzroy who was one of the governor’s daughters and how she lost her life here in a horse and cart accident. Checkout the central foyer where her body was said to have been brought that is said to be haunted ever since.

Highlights For Sydney Ghost Tours

  • Be a part of Sydney’s history with a completely different and much darker perspective by going for an exciting Sydney haunted ghost tour.
  • Delve deep into the past and learn about the medieval times when these streets were overrun by prisoners, crime, and criminals.
  • Walk down the narrow dreary pathways that were once mass burial pits and today haunted by the spirits of those hanging between the two worlds looking for revenge from those who cross their graves.
  • Learn about the eerie tales and daunting incidents of the olden times that occurred in these parts, as well as the great history around from the knowledgeable guides and historians who will accompany you along the tours.
  • Visit some of the places that are otherwise not accessible to the common public during your Sydney haunted ghost tour, which makes for a unique opportunity for both history buffs and ghost hunters.
  • Explore some of Sydney’s biggest tourist precincts such as The Rocks, the Barangaroo Reserve, and the Old Government House, among others.
  • Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience of an ominous history in an edge of the seat adventurous journey that you will remember all your life.

FAQs For Ghost Tours in Sydney

What is the price of ghost tours in Sydney?

The ghost tours in Sydney will cost you approximately AUD 15 to AUD 40. They usually last around an hour and a half and are done in different parts of the city.

Are any discounts available on the ghost tours in Sydney?

If you book your ghost tours in Sydney online, you stand a chance to enjoy some great deals and discounts of your ticket prices. These however, may not be available if you book them in person at the venue.

Can we book Sydney ghost tours online?

Yes, you can book Sydney ghost tours online and also enjoy several benefits in the process. This way you can also book with ease from the comforts of your home and avail of great discounts.

Why is Sydney so famous?

Sydney is one of the most popular cities in the world among tourists who come here to explore its exotic beaches, abundant natural beauty, and iconic structures. It is famous for the Sydney Opera House which is an architectural splendor as well as the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which is also one of the largest steel arch bridges on earth.

Is the price for the Sydney ghost tours the same for everyone?

Yes, the price for the Sydney ghost tours is the same for all participants. It is usually available only to adults who are above 18 years of age who are charged on a per person basis.

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